ioSemantics, LLC ioSemantics distills business logic from COBOL legacy source code producing accurate, complete and easy to understand business-focused application models that can be interactively explored. ioSemantics is faster, cheaper, and more accurate than traditional program analysis. ioSemantics unlocks the decisions, strategies, design and wisdom of colleagues past that is embodied by your COBOL legacy source. Denver, Colorado Steve Bucuvalas 303-586-8900

It's like having a conversation with your legacy COBOL system. The ioSemantics® patent pending technology lets you understand your legacy COBOL system in business terms, one concept at a time.

Our Foundation

Semantic Web for Legacy
The ioSemantics® patent pending solution brings human beings back to the fore, explaining business systems in simple human terms.

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Our Platform

Explains COBOL system source
Our platform explains your legacy COBOL system in depth, but in discrete interactions — because a million lines of source is too much to understand all at once.

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Our Ecosystem

A Community of Professionals
Our platform, people and partners are here to serve your legacy system initiatives, ready when needed and fitting in to the way you work.

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